Microsoft Surface Duo: Design and Battery Life are its best features

  • Microsoft’s Surface Duo is a foldable Android smartphone with two screens that can open and close like a book.
  • The Surface Duo’s unconventional design and hinge make it great for productivity.
  • But it still has many drawbacks, especially when it comes to the quality of its camera.
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After being largely absent from the mobile phone industry for years, Microsoft finally made its resounding resume with the Surface Duo: Dual-Screened Android Phone, which folds in half like a book.

This is an ambitious idea to say the least. Like the Surface Tablet, which preceded it, the Surface Duo was born with the idea that a mobile device doesn’t have to fall into just one category. The Surface Tablet, for example, aims to change some of the duties of your laptop.

The Surface Duo is not trying to work as both a tablet and a phone. But with two screens and an unconventional design, it is definitely trying to do more than the average smartphone.

While I loved the two screens for multitasking, the Surface Duo, which was launched on September 10 for $ 1,400, asks you to compromise a lot.

Here are the best and worst things about using the Surface Duo during the last two weeks.

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