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Microsoft seems to make fun of HoloLens 2 in trippy video before the MWC


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It was expected that the launch of Microsoft's HoloLens 2 at the Mobile World Congress.

Richard Peterson / CNET

It seems that there is a trailer for Microsoft HoloLens 2 and it is full of flying chips and melted ice. Technical member Alex Kipman, creator of the original HoloLens and head of Microsoft's mixed-reality efforts, on Monday tweeted a video that seems to annoy the next version of the AR headphones. The video, which was previously seen by TechCrunch, is cryptic but ends with the date of February 24, 2019.

It was rumored that Microsoft announced a new HoloLens headset at its Mobile World Congress event on February 24. General Director Satya Nadella is scheduled to present a presentation along with Julia White, a corporate vice president in charge of Microsoft Azure and Kipman.

The original HoloLens AR headset was launched in 2016, placing hologram-like 3D graphics in the real world in a separate package, but it has some technical limits. The next headset can improve things like the field of vision and bring more advanced controls, as well as eye tracking. In November, Microsoft won a $ 480 million contract to supply the US Army. UU With HoloLens headphones.

"We have many interesting things to talk about at MWC 2019," said a Microsoft spokesman.

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