Microsoft reportedly tried to buy Bungie and ‘Destiny 2’, but it cost too much

It is well known that Microsoft has been in the vanguard of a studio takeover for Xbox for the past few years, and while the fruits of that may still be a few years away, the news that they are chasing whales enabled them to Not done for landing:


The news comes from Jeff Grubb and his podcast where he and another panelist (around 1:17:00 mark below) say that they have heard that Microsoft has tried to strike a deal to buy Bungie several times, but It has always fallen because the price is too high.

Microsoft has overtaken talented developers such as Obsidian and Ninja Theory, but none is as big as Bungie, who left Microsoft several years ago, after producing the original Halo game before 343. Boongi partnered with Activation for Destiny and part of Destiny 2 before declaring his independence. And then… .if going back to negotiation with Microsoft if the price was high enough.

Bungie would be a monster takeover for Microsoft, and would certainly raise questions as to what happens to the fate of a deal as a franchise.

On one hand, it’s almost unimaginable to imagine the Destiny 2 support being pulled from 2PT4 and PS5, especially 3+ more years of content planned for it, at the very least, and only Xbox and Being PC exclusive. PlayStation is the largest part of the entire playerbase, after all. In that case, you can imagine Microsoft acting as a publisher and profiting from the sale of PlayStation, and not removing it from the platform.

And yet you don’t pay millions of dollars for a huge studio and their biggest game No Want it to be an Xbox exclusive, right? And perhaps this is part of how the deal has fallen several times.

Fans have long suspected that the two chiku are coming out between Microsoft and Bungie like being out again for some time. Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion is being launched as a game pass, much like Microsoft’s first party title, and will have a launch day to boot on the Xbox Series X / S, and such conspiracy theories Bungie delayed the expansion to do the same. I wonder if there was a lesser deal involved in these takeover talks rather than a close relationship, which happened to be the Beyond Light / Game Pass deal.

The title isn’t: Microsoft isn’t buying Bungie because it costs too much, and yet if they try in the past, who’s to say they won’t try again? And it also says that if they want to work with a megacarp, Bungie is ready to be independent once again.

I really don’t know how to feel it all. Bungi’s “independent” era has just begun recently and has yet to prove itself. We’ve seen changes like playing free-to-play in part, something that was apparently impossible under the Activision deal, but I don’t know if we’ve got a “yeah, destiny has done well twice that Bungie just now Is calling its own shots. I don’t know what the Microsoft partnership will offer at the end of the players. Will they get more money and more staff to make a bigger and more ambitious game? So yeah, go for it. What Will they be forced to remove support or features from PlayStation or the entire game? Again, not too bad.

Still, fascinating to consider. We will see if it ends anywhere in the future.

Update: Jeff Grubb reiterated that it’s not really a big deal:

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