Microsoft releases the first trial version of its Edge browser for Mac

The macOS preview includes modifications to the fonts, menus, and keyboard shortcuts that Mac users will find familiar. It also adds controls such as shortcuts to websites and changing tabs via the touch bar, and works with familiar gestures from the Mac trackpad. Microsoft says it will continue to refine the browser as it evolves in future versions, and in a blog post, the company says it appreciates your comments.

Like the trial version of Windows 10, Edge for macOS can be built on the same Chromium open source database. The new browser aims to better align with current web standards, which will result in an improved experience for the average user, and if things go as expected Microsoft, will win the favor of the developers, who have left Edge to test the pages in Chrome

You can download the compilation of Canary macOS here, and Microsoft promises that there will be a preview for Windows 7 and Windows 8 soon.

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