Microsoft patches a serious NTFS drive corruption flaw in Windows 10 … but there’s a catch

Windows 10 laptop

About a month and a half ago we reported a serious flaw in Windows 10 that could be exploited to corrupt the contents of an NTFS drive. With Microsoft wasting time on its response, it was up to OSR security researchers to produce a third-party patch.

But now Microsoft has stepped up and finally unveiled an official fix for the flaw. Unfortunately, it is not all good news, as the solution is not available to everyone.

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Although the company did not announce the fact, it appears that the recently released Windows 10 build 21322 fixes the drive corruption flaw. The error exists due to problems with the NTFS $ i30 attribute, which means that accessing the path c: : $ i30: $ bitmap will cause drive corruption, although this should be reversible with the chkdsk tool.

As reported by Bleeping Computer, if you try to access this problematic path on build 21322, you will see a message that says: “The directory name is invalid.

The bad news here is that Windows 10 build 21322 has only been made available to Insiders on the Dev channel. It’s hard to say if Microsoft will release a separate patch for older versions of the OS, or if we’ll have to wait for this version. development progress to the main release channel.

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