Microsoft opens its Windows 10 Whiteboard application for a public preview

Microsoft will make its Whiteboard collaboration application available as a public preview on December 5.


Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft's Whiteboard application, which company officials describe as an "unlimited canvas" that supports inking and collaboration, has been private previewed in recent months.

The concept of the Microsoft Whiteboard application is to allow collaboration through multiple Windows 10 Devices Users can see where others are on the board and the updates they are performing in real time.

The application works on Windows 10 devices and supports real-time collaboration for Office 365 subscribers. It also allows users to add local or web photos that can become "stacks"; do Bing web searches and use the whiteboard switch to access different boards.

The public preview of Microsoft Whiteboard is available from the Microsoft application store for all English versions of Windows 10 as of today. Support for other langues will be available "in the coming months". To use the application, which is free, a participant in a collaborative session must have a personal, work or school account in Office 365.

This Microsoft Whiteboard application will eventually replace the native whiteboard application running in the conference system Surface Hub

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