Microsoft Office seems to be available in the Google Play Store for Chromebooks


There is no official announcement from Microsoft, at least so far, but the company seems to have made Microsoft Office available to all Chromebook users.

That discovery is courtesy of "Chrome Unboxed," which reported on November 22 that users of various Chromebook models were downloading Office applications from the Google Play Store.

In 2014, Microsoft made Web versions of its Offie applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) available to Chromebook users. Later, Microsoft made Office Mobile for Android available, and those Office applications worked on Chrome OS devices.

While users of some Chromebook models from several manufacturers previously reported that they could get Microsoft Office from the beta version of the Play Store, the apps were not generally available to everyone.

Microsoft officials told Chrome Unboxed last year that Microsoft was working with Google "to provide the best experience for Chromebook users" and planned to make full Android versions of Office applications available on all "compatible" devices "for when Google Play The store on Chrome OS was no longer in beta. But since that time, Microsoft executives had not provided an update on when Office would generally be available on Chromebooks. Meanwhile, some have been using CrossOver to run Windows applications on their Chromebooks.

I contacted Microsoft to get more details about the availability of Office on Chromebook, but so far I have not received any news. Microsoft makes Office applications freely available to tablet users with devices with screens less than 10.1 inches, but requires those with larger devices to have an Office 365 subscription to use these applications.

Microsoft is positioning its Windows 10 S operating system, which runs applications from the Microsoft store only, as an alternative to Chrome OS.

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