Microsoft Office reaches all Chromebooks running Android applications


Just in time for the holidays, Chromebook users, regardless of the model they purchased, can now download and run Microsoft Office.

Running Office applications on Android smartphones and tablets is no longer a new or novel concept. However, on Chromebooks, it's a different story.

When Google announced in May 2016 that Chromebooks would run mobile applications for Android, the company opened the floodgates. By bringing the market for Google Play applications to Chromebooks, Google allowed users to venture beyond web-based software and specifically created for Chrome OS, and access a huge library of productivity software, image editors, games and more. [UnfortunatelyallChromebookownerswereabletoinstalltheAppleApplicationapplicationsOnlyafewoftheselectedChromeAffiliateFlipfileswerequalifiedforrunningthesoftwareNowaccordingtoChromeUnboxedMicrosoftitappearstohavebeenquietlyrestrained

After testing several Chromebooks from several other manufacturers, the enthusiastic Chrome OS website confirmed that Office applications are now appearing on the Play Store for those devices. This allows users to download, install and run Word, Excel and other Office applications, as long as their hardware can support Android applications.

And there's a good chance that Chromebook users will accept Microsoft in their offer.

Office applications are popular in the Google Play Store. Both Word and Excel have a 4.5 star rating and each one has been downloaded at least 100 million times. It is also likely that applications will be used by many teachers and their students.

Chromebooks have taken off in the educational technology market. In Canada, Chromebooks are the best-selling device for K-12 schools, according to market research firm Futuresource. The use of Chromebook also occupies a prominent place in the US. UU., Sweden and New Zealand.

The Chromebook also makes its way into the premium laptop market.

In October, Google introduced the Pixelbook. Starting at $ 999 and powered by Intel Core processors, the 12.3-inch Pixelbook supports pen input and takes the signal from devices that support Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana. "Pixelbook is the first laptop with the Google Assistant integrated," wrote Matt Vokoun, director of product management at Google Hardware, in a blog post on October 4. "Simply say 'Ok Google' or press the dedicated auxiliary key, and you can talk or write to find answers or perform tasks."

Meanwhile, Chromebooks remain a bright spot in the dying PC market.

In the third quarter of 2017, PC shipments fell to 67.2 million units, a drop of 0.5 percent compared to the same period last year, according to IDC. Chromebooks are changing the trend, finding new places to call home.

"Despite the general contraction, Chromebooks continue to be a source of optimism as the category gains momentum in sectors outside of education, especially in retail and financial services," observed Neha Mahajan, senior research badyst at Devices and Screens in IDC, in a statement.

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