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Microsoft launches new Windows 10 preview with mobile broadband enhancements

Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 preview for PC with mobile broadband enhancements. This compilation is from the RS5 branch, which represents the Windows 10 update that the company plans to launch later this year. The next update will come before (although we still do not have a date), from the RS4 branch.

Windows 10 is a service, which means that it was built in a very different way from its predecessors, so it can be updated regularly not only with fixes, but also with new functions. Microsoft has so far released four major updates: November Update, Anniversary Update, Creator Update and Fall Creator Update.

This RS5 compilation is for internal Windows users who have chosen the option Jump Forward, which means that they continue to receive compilations from RS_PRERELEASE branch. Only a small subset of Insiders can choose Skip Ahead, since Microsoft still needs testers to help with RS4.

Microsoft wants the Windows network stack by introducing a more reliable network driver model. This compilation includes an improved USB Mobile Broadband (MBB) class driver, but it is not the default. If your PC supports mobile broadband (it has cellular connectivity), you can try to configure the new driver as the default (Device Manager => Network Adapters => Generic Mobile Broadband Adapter or xxxxx Mobile Broadband Adapter => Click with the right button => Update controller => Search on my computer the driver software => Allow me to choose from a list of available drivers on my computer => Generic Mobile Broadband Cx Net Adapter => Next).

Once you have rebooted, try your cellular network by turning off Wi-Fi and disconnecting any Ethernet cable. Microsoft will presumably establish this as the default driver in later compilations, if it proves reliable.

Also related to this compilation, Microsoft released the Microsoft Edge DevTools Preview application. The web application, available in Microsoft Store, allows you to preview the latest development tools along with the tools included in Edge.

This desktop version also includes the following bug fixes and general improvements:

  • In this compilation, the brightness toggle from the Battery drop-down menu in the notification area on the taskbar was removed for a better experience of the user.
  • Fixed a problem in Microsoft Edge where dragging a favorite from one folder in the Favorites bar to another did not work.

Today's update exceeds the Windows 10 compilation number for the RS5 branch of 17650 (available for testers on April 19) to compile 17655.

This build has 14 known issues:

  • The cursor The mouse may disappear when scrolling over certain elements of the user interface and text fields.
  • When resuming the period of inactivity, the desktop can be seen momentarily before the lock screen is displayed as expected.
  • When the movie and TV user denies access to their video library (throug h The pop-up window "Allow Movies and TV to access their video library" or through the Windows privacy settings), Movies and TV crashes when the user navigates to the "Personal" tab.
  • Narrator can read additional text by invoking Alt + Tab.
  • The use of arrow keys and Page Down / Page Down does not work to scroll through web pages in Microsoft Edge. You will have to use another input method (mouse, touch or touchpad).
  • If you complete the setup of a Windows mixed-reality headset in this version, the headset will remain black until it is unplugged and reconnected to the PC.
  • Sets UX for Office Win32 desktop applications is not final. The experience will be refined over time based on the comments.
  • The top portion of some Win32 desktop application windows may appear slightly below the tab bar when maximized. To solve the problem, restore and re-maximize the window.
  • Closing a tab can sometimes minimize the whole set.
  • Mosaic and cascading windows, including features such as "Side by side" in Word, will not work for inactive tabs.
  • The Office Visual Basic Editor window will now be tabulated, but is not intended to be in the future.
  • Opening an Office document while the same application has an existing document open may cause an unintentional change to the last active document. This will also happen when closing a sheet in Excel while other sheets remain open.
  • When you right click on a tab in Sets, a context menu will not appear in this compilation.
  • Local files or files in the non-Microsoft cloud will not be restored automatically, and no error message will be provided to alert the user of that fact.

As always, do not install this on your production machine.

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