Microsoft Launcher 4.3 brings many new features to Android


Microsoft released version 4.3 beta of its Microsoft Launcher earlier this week, debuting a wide variety of new customization options, features and improvements in its popular Android application. The last revision of the initiator comes with the fine adjustment of the source of the application implemented in order to minimize the possibilities of adjusting the text, while the icons of the application that you start to drag on the screen will no longer automatically enter the state Edit. The new grid layouts of the application are now also part of the package, with Microsoft Launcher receiving support for even larger configurations that go up to 12 x 12 home page grids. The launcher's dock also has more space after the new beta update and can now accommodate more than five applications, according to the company's official change log.

The Microsoft initiator configuration page was modified a bit in the new build of the software and not only was it supported for topics but it should also be easier to navigate, while the main search bar is enabled by default for the new users of the latest version, also with the aim of facilitating navigation. In addition to the larger grids, the Android initiator was supported for more granular grid control, allowing users to move applications and widgets in half space. In addition, the company based in Redmond, Washington, included a stronger migration mechanism for new users, which facilitates the transition process from another initiator; all new migration features will be detailed at the time you install Microsoft Launcher, and it will be configured to appear as part of the "Welcome" widget on your homepage. The initiator supports the prolonged use of application icons in the system drawer to show additional customization options, as well as the ability to change the shape of any folder icon. Several stability improvements, bug fixes, and Time / Time widgets enhancements are also included with the new version of the application, Microsoft said. It is not yet known when the latest functionalities will reach the stable version of Microsoft Launcher, but the company's historical mobile development practices indicate that the wait should not be longer than several weeks.

Formerly known as Arrow Launcher Microsoft Launcher remains one of the company's most popular Android applications to date, which may be the reason why the tech giant opted to change the brand in early October and use its popularity as a method to increase brand awareness. The name change did not come with a major redesign, with the company still focusing on building a highly customizable solution for Android that attracts a wide variety of users.

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