Microsoft is working hard on a Netflix-for-games that works on any device – BGR

It's safe to say that the Xbox is not the most popular console that exists. Microsoft struggled to fight Sony before Switch came, and now the Nintendo console is another reason to worry about Microsoft.

But the company is already creating what could be an incredible gaming service, a real Netflix game for video that would extend beyond its Xbox audience. For a monthly fee, users can not only play the games they want, but also transmit that gaming experience to any device, not just Microsoft consoles.

Microsoft formed an entire cloud division with a focus on games, and seemingly ready to talk about the project.

"Phil [Spencer] really wanted a dedicated team focused exclusively on the game cloud," said Kareem Choudhry The Verge in an interview. "Those were the conversations that started happening last summer, and we really started creating the structure of the organization at the end of last year."

Spencer is now the head of Microsoft's games, reporting directly to CEO Satya Nadella, while the cloud The division is headed by Choudhry, a 20-year veteran of Microsoft.

"We believe that there will be 2 billion players in the world, and our goal is to reach each of them," explains Choudhry. "We are looking for ways to make that content available to anyone, no matter what device they are on," he added.

Microsoft will not do that by selling Xbox consoles. Instead, it is creating a streaming service based on the cloud that would work on many devices, including Xbox.

The game subscription service of the Game Pbad company could be one of the products that Microsoft integrates into its future product of games in the cloud. The company says it is "really happy" with the success of Game Pas so far.

"What we are doing with Game Pbad and creating a subscription-based product, where more than half of the content is third-party content," Microsoft executive said. "I'd say we're starting from the perspective of a subscription product."

When will the new service be launched and what will it be called? That's not something Microsoft is ready to announce. Microsoft is not the only company that is watching the transmission of games to their devices. Nvidia has a similar program in place, but is doing it on the PC for the time being. The question is, will the game developer want to join the game subscription service similar to that of Netflix based on the Microsoft cloud?

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