Microsoft is testing 1080p streaming Xbox Game Pass

The 720p resolution for Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming (aka xCloud) is decent on a phone, but that’s clearly not going to be enough when the service hits PCs and iPads. Fortunately, an increase in resolution seems to be in order. Windows Central Y The edge both say Microsoft is testing 1080p streams. It’s unclear how widespread the testing is or how soon you’ll see that update, but this would be a huge boost in quality for big screen gamers.

A simultaneous leak of an updated Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows also shows how the software will suit more gamers. It will reportedly offer support for touch and gyroscopic (motion) input, making it more feasible to play Xbox games remotely on tablets like the Surface line when you don’t have a gamepad.

Both the 1080p test and the new app are early and it’s not clear when they will appear. Microsoft is rumored to have a gaming event scheduled for March, but there is no guarantee that any of the updates will be ready to go at that time. However, it is easy to see Microsoft moving forward. Cloud gaming and remote play work best when you don’t have to worry about your device options or image quality; after this, they would not be ubiquitous, but would be close enough that more people could try.

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