Microsoft is selling an ugly MS paint sweater and a portion of the proceeds benefit the Girls Who Code

Microsoft is hurrying the holiday spirit a bit by offering MS paint-themed “ugly” sweaters for sale on its online store, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale to the girls who donate the code. The company made Windows XP and 95 sweaters in the past to give influential and super fans, but this is the first time the company is selling sweaters directly to customers.

Microsoft had three types of “soft-wear” available for purchase this morning: the previously mentioned MS paint sweater for Windows 95 and XP sweaters, and the remaining stock. When we first checked the store, those XP and 95 sweaters were already running low on stock, and as of now, only the MS Paint sweater is available this year. You can see all three varieties in the gallery below to see what you missed.

Microsoft has had fun with these promotions in the past, even packing the old Windows XP sweater inside a Windows XP-style box.

Since MS Paint comes installed on Windows rather than sold separately, it’s hard to know how this year’s sweater will be packaged, but Microsoft’s mindless trend continues here. Apparently there are few sweater fans among the company’s ranks; Perhaps this is a latent bit of influence of Bill Gates?

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is wearing a sweater, as he often does.

Whatever the source, the MS Paint Sweater is still in stock for $ 69.99, with $ 20 of each sale going straight through December 23 from today to December 1 in Girls Who Code. Microsoft says that the promotion plans to donate a minimum of $ 50,000 to the nonprofit. If you are unfamiliar, Girls Who Code is a nonprofit dedicated to getting more women into computer science by offering classes and educational resources.

The relative ugliness of these sweaters is up for debate (personally I think the MS Paint sweater looks great), but if you are indifferent to old Windows, you now find yourself in time for a digital ugly sweater party Can be taken out. Keeping the topic in mind, Microsoft is also providing Windows and MS Paint backgrounds for Skype and teams, if you want to see if you’re stuck in a drawing created on your parent’s computer during video chatting .

Now you can buy MS Paint Ugly Sweaters and take advantage of a good cause.

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