Microsoft is building a new midface Surface PC with a 12.5-inch display

Microsoft has seen success with its budget-friendly Surface Go tablet thanks to its $ 399 starting price, and it seems that the company is hoping to capitalize on that success this time with a more price conscious Surface PC. As a bar laptop. Sparty’s codename, I’m told, is that Microsoft is working on a lightweight midrange clamshell PC designed to keep students in mind.

According to my sources, Sparty has a 12.5-inch display with a 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage in the entry-level model. It will ship with Windows 10 in S mode and will be priced somewhere between $ 500 and $ 600. I have been told that Sparty is being deployed as a more affordable Surface laptop, similar to how Microsoft today deploys Surface Go with Surface Pro.

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Microsoft is basically bringing a “Surface Laptop Go” to market with Sparty, which has a slightly smaller footprint and significantly lower starting price than the actual Surface laptop, which starts at $ 999. Sparty will hit the market during a time where people are spending less money as a result of the ongoing epidemic, so a new low-priced midrange surface device may not come at a better time.

If the information I have is correct, Sparty will fill a pricing gap between Surface Go and Surface Pro, which starts at $ 399 and $ 749 respectively. With Sparty coming somewhere in the $ 500 range, all major Microsoft price brackets will have some kind of surface offering. Sparty is going to be Microsoft’s answer to the Google Pixelbook Go, which plays well in its ongoing Chromebook competition strategy.

Sources tracking engineering prototypes say that Sparty looks and feels like a typical Surface product, meaning that Microsoft has not compromised on build quality to achieve a lower price. It is also very lightweight, and its small performance means the overall device size is more compact, making it a great travel laptop.

I hear that Sparti will be announced with some other Sarfan products and accessories, some of which have codenames Already leaked, In the October deadline. For now, what are your thoughts on Microsoft’s idea of ​​a possible “Surface Laptop Go”? Tell us in the comments.