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Microsoft helps LinkedIn launch its first live video streaming service

Microsoft is getting involved in the transmission of live videos, through its ownership of LinkedIn. The social network is launching a new LinkedIn Live service for its 600 million users, allowing people to stream live video content. It is initially coming as a beta version only for guests this week for US users. UU., And it occurs almost 18 months after LinkedIn began to admit the video.

LinkedIn Live will focus on conveying things like questions and answers, events, conferences, earnings calls, awards ceremonies, product announcements and more. Microsoft is helping to support LinkedIn Live through its Azure Multimedia Services, providing the most important encoding technology to stream live videos without problems. LinkedIn is also partnering with Wirecast, Switcher Studio, Wowza Media Systems, Socialive and Brandlive to enable content creators to access experienced broadcast transmission services.

LinkedIn Live

"Video is the fastest growing format on our platform right now, and the one that is most likely to get people talking," says Pete Davies, director of product management at LinkedIn, in an interview with TechCrunch. "Live has been the most requested feature." LinkedIn has not yet revealed when it plans to make this new video streaming service available to the 600 million users, but the company will accept subscriptions through a contact form on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will now face strong competition from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and many other services that offer live video streaming services. LinkedIn clearly thinks that it can be differentiated according to its target audience and the type of video it will offer. This will not be the place to watch video transmitters beat the latest video games, nor are you likely to see your friends or colleagues live broadcasting their personal lives. LinkedIn has always had to do with the connections of professional working life, and LinkedIn Live is a clear attempt to monopolize that niche of the video streaming market.

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