Microsoft has reportedly launched the Surface Pro X2 with new chip and color variants.

Microsoft is reportedly planning to refresh its ARM-powered Surface Pro X this fall. Windows central Reports that the Surface Pro X will be updated to include Microsoft’s SQ2 processor, likely based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G. It’s unclear whether this refreshed Surface Pro X will include 5G support, but Qualcomm’s latest chip supports the option to include Microsoft in it.

Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a new color version for this updated Surface Pro X, which will be the device launch in Platinum typically found on the Intel-based Surface Pro line. Microsoft launched the Surface Pro X in black last year with a black type cover. Chances are we’ll see a variety of cover colors for this new Surface Pro X to complement the new platinum variant.

ARM-based Surface Pro X processor.
Photo by Amelia Hollowetti Krales / The Verge

There are no rumors about any design or significant hardware changes beyond the chip update, so it is likely that Microsoft will stick to the thinner and lighter design introduced last year for the Pro X. The processor alone can help improve the performance of the Surface Pro. X, which struggled with traditional emulated apps.

Microsoft will hold an October Surface event to present this updated Surface Pro X, with a rumor probably in a 12.5-inch Surface laptop.