Microsoft gave Snoop Dogg an Xbox Series X refrigerator for his birthday

Fow Razzle: What do you get for a rapper who has everything? About something that was never there before. Microsoft did the same last Tuesday for Snoop Dogg’s 49th birthday. Now the rapper only has (as we know) the Xbox Series X themed refrigerator.

Almost immediately after, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X, The fridge memes Started to roll. While it was certainly unintentional, the XBSX actually resembles a smaller refrigerator, and Microsoft joked about it at Stride. Entry One of Twitter’s own memes.

But now the refrigerator meme is a reality. On Friday night, veteran rapper Snoop Dogg posted a video on his Instagram account showing his new working refrigerator after the Xbox Series X. It also has a flashing Xbox logo in the top left corner, although it does not work as a powerhead. Button as it happens on the console.

The refrigerator was a gift from Microsoft for the rapper’s birthday on October 20. Xbox also stocked it for Snoop before it was distributed. It certainly included an XBSX birthday cake, some Xbox bling and several bottles of gin and juice.

Snoop Dogg deleted the video shortly after it was posted, but not before a Twitter user was able to grab it and share it with the world (above).

For thoughtful gifts, Microsoft took advantage of this. Snoop is an avid gamer and has provided cameo or voice talent for several games including True Crime: Street of LA, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Way of the Dog, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and more. So a next-gen console-shaped fridge stocked with gold chains and gin-en-juice was the perfect birthday surprise.

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