‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ will support a VR headset this fall


The Reverb is a product of collaboration between Microsoft, Valve and HP, and is likely due to the G2 model’s decline, Airplane simulator Support in tow. The headset costs $ 600.

Airplane simulator Lands on August 18, and it comes in three flavors, each at a different price point. The standard version costs $ 60, and includes 20 hand-crafted aircraft and 30 hand-crafted airports. The deluxe version costs $ 90, and adds five aircraft and five airports to the standard lineup. The premium deluxe version, while named redundant, is the largest of them all – it costs $ 120 and offers 30 aircraft and 40 airports.

There are actually 37,000 airports in every edition of Airplane simulator, Conceived in ridiculous detail by machine learning systems and photogrammetry. Featured spots in each version are simply hand-coded, adding detail and depth to these settings. People with different versions of the game have access to similar locations, but the deluxe and premium deluxe versions will look slightly better in some locations.

“Premium build or deluxe build is not a barrier,” said CEO of Asoba Studios, Sebastian Valloch. “People who have standards are not going to be blocked; Every airport in the world is there. Basically the entire planet is basically present and you can fly to any airport on the planet. … airports are all, they have aerial photography from Bing, they are all very realistic, but buildings are automatically generated by AI and procedural construction generation. “

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