Microsoft document leaking suggests cheaper next-gen Xbox is coming

Rumors that Microsoft produced a low-end counterpart to the Xbox X Series garnered some support. The edge reports that a leaked Microsoft document this month makes multiple references to “Lockhart,” an inexpensive (and possibly cloud-oriented) console for content with 1080p games. The file makes multiple references to the Xbox Series X developer kit, including profiling modes that point to system code, suggesting that Lockhart is a slimmed-down version of modern hardware rather than a repackaged Xbox One.

While the document does not describe performance, The edge He understands that Lockhart will have considerably less usable RAM than the X Series (7.5GB versus 13.5GB), an underclocked CPU, and a GPU with only four teraflops of performance compared to the X Series 12. There have been previous references to Lockhart in the Xbox One software along with the X Series (originally called Anaconda) and the developer kit (Dante).

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