Microsoft could buy Discord next month for $ 10 billion

Discord is exploring its options for a sale that could be worth more than $ 10 billion, VentureBeat reported, and it looks like the deal could be completed quite soon. Additional sources cited by Bloomberg say Microsoft is one of the companies involved in talks to acquire Discord. According to the Wall Street Journal, he could even close a deal next month.

Sources cited by VentureBeat claim that the potential sale is due to interest expressed by multiple parties. One person claims that Discord is in final negotiations with one of the parties, having entered into an exclusive acquisition discussion. A Bloomberg source said Discord reached out to Microsoft to gauge interest, with Xbox CEO Phil Spencer engaged in conversations with the gaming chat company.

Others familiar with the matter said that Epic Games and Amazon have also been involved in discussions to buy Discord in the past, although it is unclear if negotiations with these companies are ongoing.

The interest in Discord comes after a great year for the chat company, when it changed its name from a very gaming-centric app to one that welcomed all communities that needed an online space to meet. In late 2020, Discord raised $ 140 million from investors, after earning a valuation of $ 7 billion.

Recent events in the games industry, such as GameStop’s stock rally and Roblox’s strong debut in the stock market, have caught the attention of investors, meaning that Discord may choose to go public on instead of selling himself. However, Discord has acknowledged that as of 2020 the company is not yet profitable, which means that an IPO at this stage may be immature.

Discord has previously been through acquisition talks in 2018, with potential sales dropping as Discord wants to protect its internal values. Many potential buyers wanted to change the platform in a major way, such as adding advertising, something the company has resisted from the beginning. This round of conversations may end the same way, but only time will tell at this point.

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