Michigan’s Jim Harboff advocates fall football, citing ‘facts’

Michigan head coach Jim Harbag issued a statement on Monday, advocating for the college football season to run as planned.

“I would like to address the rumors that are circulating today,” Harbag said in the statement. “I am not advocating football this fall because of our passion or our players’ desire to play, but because of the facts accumulated over the past eight weeks because our players returned to campus on June 13.”

Harboff’s statement comes after the Power 5 Conferences commissioners held an emergency meeting on Sunday due to growing concerns among college athletic officials that the upcoming fall game could not be played due to a coronovirus epidemic.

In the statement, Harbaugh gives reasons as to why a season can still run safely, including programs with zero positive tests from the last 353 administered, with zero during the entire eight-week test between coaches and staff Positive testing, following CDC guidelines and “self – enforced stringent standards to contact tracing in quarantine to prevent spread.”

“We have developed a great prototype of how we can do this work and provide players with the opportunity to play. If you are transparent and follow the rules, this is how it can be done.

“I am proud of our players, parents, coaches and staff for being leaders and role models in our sport, in our sport, and in society. We follow, teach, train all health and safety guidelines And will continue to train those youth. ” Men and their families have placed their trust in us, advocating for the football season in the fall. ”

Harboff ended the statement with the hashtags “#WEWANTTOPLAY” and “#WEWANTTOCOACH” in support of the players who came together on Sunday night to make a joint statement expressing a desire to play the 2020 season.


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