Michigan woman accused of death of newborn twins in 2003

Antoinette Brailey, 41, of Holland, Michigan, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Brettie was arrested on Thursday in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

At a hearing on Saturday, Brealey was appointed a public guard to represent him and his bail was set at $ 150,000, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

The case began on June 6, 2003, when a waste management worker in Stickney Township, Illinois, emptied trash cans in alleyways, in which the boys’ bodies were seen in the lift bucket in front of his litter truck.

Dart said in a press release that the children died from an autopsy due to being alive and asphyxiated. These deaths were ruled by housewives.

Despite an extensive investigation at the time, the case remained unsolved.

Investigators reopened the case in 2018, using DNA recovered at the scene and the latest developments in genetic genealogy. The effort was a breakthrough that allowed investigators to identify Breley as the possible birth mother of the victims, the sheriff’s office said.

Cook County Sheriff’s Detective Ginny Georgentas said on Saturday that she pushed to reopen the case because the genetic pedigree was used to identify a man who eventually pleaded guilty in the Golden State killer case in California .
The bodies of twins were discovered from a pile of garbage.

Dart said detectives traveled to Holland, Michigan and obtained an abandoned item with Brellie’s DNA, which matched the boys’ DNA.

“Seventeen years ago we would not have made the case this way,” said Leo Schmitz, head of public safety at the Sheriff Department at a press conference on Saturday.

Investigators found out Thursday that Brilli was in Cook County and conducted a traffic stop to take her into custody.

Sean Gleeson, deputy chief of the detective division of the Cook County Police Department, said Brealey was “distraught” when he was arrested. He said the daughter’s daughter, Breilly, was previously arrested for rape, but not for any other crime.

CNN’s Claudia Domingway and Fenley Foxon contributed to this report.


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