Michigan to reopen even more ‘in the coming days’ as COVID numbers improve, says Whitmer

LANSING, Mich. – More of Michigan is expected to reopen in the “coming days,” with some COVID-19 restrictions easing, according to the governor. Gretchen whitmer.

“We hope to make more announcements about new engagements in the coming days,” Whitmer said. “Our case numbers and public health metrics are going in the right direction, and we are very happy to see that.”

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the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services it issued a three-week hiatus in mid-November, and that hiatus has been expanded and revised multiple times over the past three months.


More recently, the state quietly extended the order through March 29, but Whitmer hinted Wednesday that there will be more engagements soon.

“I’m very optimistic, so let’s keep it up,” Whitmer said.

Nursing home visits and assembly restrictions are among the topics under consideration.

“We are looking very closely at the trend lines,” Whitmer said. “We have really seen Michigan move into a much stronger position.

“We are hopeful that we can announce additional aspects of the reinstatement at the front (of the nursing home), hopefully next week.”

He said that if the state takes a step to allow more meetings, it will be incremental. That is to avoid a major increase in cases.

“As we determine the next steps, this is part of the conversation that we are having,” Whitmer said. “However, one of the things I notice is that we know that one of the biggest spreading sites this fall was homes. They were meetings that were happening, where people let their guard down.


“Every step we have taken has been incremental. As we said, it is a dial, not a light switch. “

However, it doesn’t appear that restaurants are seeing their restrictions loosen.

“I’m hopeful that we eventually get to that point,” Whitmer said. “But at this juncture, we’ve only been doing it for a couple of weeks. We have to keep looking at the data. We have to make sure we have antigen tests available. “

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