Michigan State Basketball: Bracketology Predictions for MSU

More than a week ago, no one expected the Michigan State Spartans to be in the picture of the NCAA Tournament. Hopes for the Spartans tournament were on life support, almost needing a miracle to go dancing this March.

A week, and three consecutive victories later, the Spartans have put themselves firmly back in the bubble with the possibility of further improving their tournament stock.

Michigan State defeated two consecutive opponents in the top 5, defeating Illinois on Tuesday and Ohio State on Thursday, and now they are being talked about in the NCAA Tournament picture once again.

Let’s take a look at what the bracket websites are saying about Michigan state tournament hopes:


Joe Lunardi is many people’s braces expert, and for good reason. Lunardi offers many updates through his Twitter page on what he thinks the support and bubble look like.

In Lunardi’s latest Twitter update, he has bolstered the Spartans’ tournament hopes. MSU is in their “First Four Out” line, being only a few places out of the tournament.

Michigan State is currently 7-9 in conference play, and in response to a Twitter comment, said the Spartans would likely enter with an 8-12 conference record.


Jerry Palm is a bracketing expert at CBS Sports, and right now he’s more favorable to the Spartans’ chances than Lunardi.

The Spartans appear on the “Last Four In” line in CBS’s most recent reveal of their support prediction. This would mean the Spartans would have to play a game in the First Four, but it would mean their entry into the big ball.

Michigan State’s momentum last week has earned them a spot on the field according to Palm and with a week to go, the Spartans can increase their chances.


Next up is Fox, run by Mike Decourcy, and he’s on the same page as Jerry Palm when it comes to the state of Michigan.

In Decourcy’s latest tournament update, he has Michigan state, where Palm has Michigan state, right on the “last four in” line. This means that another media outlet predicts that the Spartans will be on the right side of the bubble.

Fox and CBS are giving the Spartans a favorable prediction towards their hopes for the NCAA Tournament, which bodes well for MSU at this point.

Remaining work to do

Michigan State may be on the right side of the bubble for various media outlets right now, but as we saw this week, the NCAA Tournament process is fluid.

The state of Michigan will have to continue the hot streak they are on to fully consolidate itself on the NCAA tournament field. Next week of games will be critical to the hopes of the Spartans tournament.

MSU is going on tour to play Maryland (a projected NCAA Tournament team) on Sunday, then a home game against another bubble team in Indiana on Tuesday. These two games are critical for the Spartans to place their bet on the NCAA tournament field.

The Spartans complete the regular season with one home and one home against Michigan, before heading to the Big Ten Tournament.

It should be an exciting final two weeks to Michigan State’s season.


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