Michigan sees the largest spike in daily COVID-19 cases since the onset of the epidemic

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Michigan rose to 134,656 as of Saturday.

Saturday’s update revealed 1,522 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, the highest daily count since April 7.

The weekly average of daily new COVID-19 cases hit 1,020 – the highest since 17 April.

The hospital has been steadily increasing for the past three weeks, including a slight increase in critical care.

Michigan is not alone in seeing growth. A six-day increase was reported in cases in six states – including Ohio, raising new fears that we might be at the beginning of the second wave.

Dr. with Brown University. “We are quite fearful for what we are doing and what we are starting to see in our hospitals,” said Megan Ranney, who is deeply afraid of all of us. Wave. “

The second wave of COVID-19 is already taking place in Europe.

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Ranney said doctors across the country are seeing more serious cases. The second wave of warnings comes a day after health officials reported the highest number of new COVID-19 cases in nearly two months.

“We saw those numbers in numbers that were largely youth going back to college,” Ranney said. “But what we are seeing now is that it is starting to spread within the community.”

Coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Drs. Deborah Birks agrees.

“Community dissemination is now happening with small celebrations,” Birks said. “Day after day, homes and families and friends.”

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An updated coronavirus projection model claims the US could see 395,000 deaths by February, a number different from what the president is doing.

“It’s going to disappear,” President Donald Trump said on Saturday. It is disappearing and vaccines are going to help and treat. “

“this is wrong. We do not have any miracle cure, ”Ranje said. “There are some remedies. Regeneron may be one of them but we don’t have enough data yet.”

Both doctors agree that unless there is enough data, the course of the virus is upon us.

“The only thing we have right now is prevention,” Ranney said.

“The only thing that will stop the next wave is us,” Birks said.

Birks said that people are starting to let their guards go with people they know may be asymptomatic.

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