Michigan man accused of attacking police with hockey stick during Capitol riots

A Michigan man allegedly seen attacking police with a hockey stick during riots in the US Capitol was arrested on Thursday after FBI agents inadvertently assisted the suspected Facebook-posting father, authorities said .

According to the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office, 29-year-old Michael Joseph Foy was picked up in the Detroit suburb of Wixom at 6:30 am.

Authorities said he made a brief appearance in court about seven hours later, and was ordered to remain in jail until his next hearing on Monday afternoon.

Foy was allegedly among the rioters, such as former President Donald Trump, who lied about electoral fraud that blew the US Capitol into a storm in January. 6. They managed to delay, but did not stop, Congress formally accepted the Electoral College results – the victory of Certified President Joe Biden.

He faces charges of entering a prohibited building, obstructing a law enforcement officer, obstructing federal officials, assisting, and obstructing and obstructing the official proceedings of Congress, officials said.

The FBI said it had video showing Foy with hockey sticks targeting members of the Metropolitan Police Department.

Officials said in an affidavit, “Foy began to kill a group of metropolitan police officers who assisted in the preservation of the American Capitol, who were dropped and dragged into a crowd of rioters.”

“The attack continues for about 16 seconds until Foy is knocked out by another rioter. At that point, Foy comes back through the crowd, lowering his hood, leaving his face clear. The image shows. “

The FBI said agents were led to Foy by his father Joseph Foy for pictures of the suspect posted on Facebook.

The father posted a photo of FY, the “Trump 2020” flag – affixed to a hockey stick – in front of the Washington memorial on January 6, according to the affidavit. In another image, the suspect was wrapped in an American flag.

On January 6, 2021, during the confrontation with the Capitol Police, pro-Trump protesters staged a barricade.Shannon Stapleton / Reuters File

Foy was originally on the FBI’s radar when a tipster told agents that he was involved in an attack that killed a Capitol police officer, according to court documents. But the affidavit clarified that “there is no evidence that the suspect killed a police officer.”

According to Affidavit, “we include this fact to explain the investigative steps taken later.”

Members of the Foy family could not immediately reach Wixom and Westland, Michigan for comment on publicly listed phone numbers. A federal public defender represented Foy in his initial appearance and counsel could not immediately be reached for comment on Thursday afternoon.

Ali Gostanian and Matteo Moshella has contributed.

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