Michigan gets deal to keep the controversial pipeline running


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) and Enbridge Inc. reached an agreement on Monday for the company to increase safety precautions on its controversial Line 5 oil pipeline under the Mackinac Strait.

The agreement means that Enbridge can, in time, continue to operate the line, despite intense scrutiny from regulators and environmentalists in recent years.

Line 5 is decades old and regulators have said it runs the risk of leaks due to corrosion, anchors, lack of coating and other factors.

"Enbridge's usual business is not acceptable and we will ensure that the highest standards of environmental safety are enforced to protect one of Michigan's most valuable natural resources," Snyder said in a statement.

"The articles required in this agreement are good progresses, the state is evaluating the entire stretch of Enbridge's line 5 and its future, but we can not wait for the badyzes to be completed before taking action to defend our courses. water. "

The binding agreement means that Enbridge must replace a part of the line under the St. Clair River, study the feasibility of replacing the line under the Mackinac Strait, close the line during bad weather and improve monitoring. of leaks, among other steps.

"We hope that the agreement is a step in a positive direction to demonstrate our commitment to do the right thing to serve Michigan and protect the waters of the Great Lakes." The Great Lakes are a treasure that must be preserved now and for the generations future, "Enbridge said in a statement.

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