Michigan court upholds collective gathering of absentee voting applications

The state of Michigan on Wednesday appealed to the court to uphold the authority of Michigan’s top election official to send non-existent absentee voting ballots to all registered voters in the state.

The ruling A lower court ruling affirmed that Michigan’s Democratic Secretary of State, Jochley Benson, had the right to send a statewide ballot.

The dispute began in May when several Michigan voters filed a lawsuit to block mailing of ballots. A lower court in august Ruled Against voters, the appeal was dismissed which was dismissed on Wednesday.

The Brennan Center for Justice, a left-leaning nonprofit group that advocates for voting rights, praised Wednesday’s decision. The group had filed a brief in support of Benson and warned the court that siding against the state’s top election official would cause widespread confusion before the November election.

“This is a major victory for Michigan voters and for American democracy,” said Myrna Perez, who directed the Brennan Center’s voting rights program. This would have hurt the state’s efforts to hold fair, safe and accessible elections. “