Michigan County official waved rifle at woman to condemn Proud Boys during meeting

According to several reports, an official from the Michigan Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners on Wednesday fired the rifle during a public meeting by a local resident during the group’s proud public meeting.

During the virtual meeting, East Bay Township resident Kelly Mackintosh asked the Board of Commissioners to announce the “right to the public group” to the “Proud Boys”, who had put their point before the board last year. Gun rights proposal.

“I mean, you can say we don’t have [a] There is a problem with the Proud Boys around our area, but there is clearly a problem that the Proud Boys around the country are causing problems, “McIntosh said as Commission Chairman Ron Claus stepped off the screen, as did the Washington Post Seen in a video posted by.

MacIntosh continued, explaining that while he does not own a gun, he “certainly can appreciate those wanting to protect their gun rights.”

As she speaks, Claus is shown stepping back into the frame holding the rifle.

McIntosh continues, saying that groups like the Proud Boys have been “allowed to hunt more than guns with their prey.”

MacIntosh told the Post that Clous’s actions frightened him.

“He is looking for the best interests of the community,” she said. “What is that message trying to convey? If someone speaks against us, we will threaten them with a gun?”

Clous defended his actions at the Traverse City Record-Eagle.

“I was just going to try and show the rifle that I fully supported the Second Amendment, but then I opted not to.”

He spoke about his interactions with the far-flung group at the March meeting.

“The only thing about me is when they came and talked to us. They were probably the most respected people who got up and talked,” he said. “They were decent people and treated us with respect.”

The commission’s chairman, Rob Hentschel, who can be seen laughing as a Clause rifle, told the Record-Eagle that he did no harm in Claus’ actions.

“I saw this across his chest and I felt it ironic for him to do so.” “The person was talking about guns and had one in his chest. I had not seen him do anything illegal or dangerous with it. He was not threatening or brandishing. He was just holding on. “

Board member Betsy Coffia, in a statement to The Hill, shared her disapproval of the incident, saying it gave responsible gun owners a bad name.

“It is unacceptable for an elected official to respond to his First Amendment right by brandishing a weapon at a public meeting,” she said.

She went on to criticize Huntshell’s response, stating, “It is unacceptable that the chair is not only pleading, but also defending the action.”

Coffea said the most dangerous part of the incident was that “both people defend the Proud Boys, despite the FBI, because they find them an extremist group with white nationalism.”

Hentschel, Clous and the rest of the board members did not immediately respond to Hill’s request for comment.

The incident comes after the January 6 deadly riots in the US Capitol, which involved far-right activist groups.


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