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Michigan confirms NCAA exemption for Shea Patterson, QB eligible for season 2018 – CollegeFootballTalk

It's Christmas in April for Jim Harbaugh and Michigan.

As expected for a long time, the school confirmed that the NCAA approved an exemption for quarterback Shea Patterson allowing the transfer of Ole Miss to be eligible for season 2018 instead of getting lost one year.

"The NCAA Division I Council recently approved an amendment to transfer exemption guidelines for student athletes seeking immediate eligibility after a transfer," Michigan said in a release. "This amendment went into effect on April 18, for the transfer of student-athletes seeking immediate eligibility for the 2018-19 academic year.

" Upon notification of this change, the University of Mississippi quickly contacted The University of Michigan, to discuss how these new standards could affect the support of the University of Mississippi to the desire of a transfer student to compete immediately at the University of Michigan. The University of Mississippi and the University of Michigan have worked together over the past few days along with the staff of the NCAA national office, and with a focus on the best interest of the student athlete, to submit a new application for exemption. That new application was presented this week by the University of Michigan and supported by both schools. The University of Michigan has withdrawn its previous exemption request and all associated materials in favor of this new cooperative, fact-based approach agreed to by all parties. The exemption has now been approved by the NCAA and, therefore, student-athlete Shea Patterson will be eligible to compete in the 2018-19 academic year.

"Both schools are ready to move forward and appreciate the assistance of the NCAA staff in bringing this issue to a resolution." While the process has been complex at times, the solution was simple: two flagship universities and the staff of the NCAA working together with a focus on the well-being of student athletes. "

Patterson, who has been accelerating career plays with the team during spring practice in recent weeks, suffered a knee injury while a sophomore at Oxford, but posted solid numbers in two seasons at Ole Miss: throwing over 3,000 yards with 23 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. The news should put him online to be the team opener when they open with Notre Dame this season over their quarterbacks Brandon Peters, Dylan McCaffrey and early registration Joe Milton .

That, in turn, should only further increase the belief that the Wolverines could be a contender for the Big Ten title and make an elusive trip to the College Football Playoff. The former five star certainly showed flashes like a true first-year student for the Rebels and if nothing else solidifies a place, the team has fought for a lot of consistency with the position.

Also notable in the launching of the union was the cooperation of Ole Miss in the matter. It was previously considered that the school delayed the transfer process and was part of an unpleasant exchange with Patterson and his lawyer, but it seems that everyone It is leaving behind the past and moving forward.


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