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Michelle Obama’s DNC speech reviews Rave on Fox News

Fox News refused to broadcast the first hour of the Democratic National Convention in its entirety on Monday night, rather than to Sean Hannity, who interviewed Donald Trump Jr. But when it came to the address of first lady Michelle Obama, she could not come up with a criticism.

George W. Bush’s former press secretary, Dana Perino, said, “It’s very difficult to try to connect with the audience without a real audience there, but he has the ability to connect with people through the screen.” “When you talk about authenticity, it’s in spades. She has that voice, her clarity, and knows what she wants to do. She was really trying to get everyone to focus and then she had a call to action: ask for her ballot tonight. I think the DNC, if they watch during the night, the first virtual conference in our history, they would say that Michelle Obama stopped the landing. ”

“I agree with Dana,” Chris Wallace continued. “Michelle Obama, as she said, does not like politics and she said the speech was her main contribution to the Biden campaign. It was a heck of a contribution. She really flared, sliced ​​and stunned Donald Trump. , Who was talking about anarchy and confusion and lack of sympathy, especially coming from this president and this White House. ”

“It was a very effective speech,” he said.


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