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Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree is still unhappy with the situation that led to his bout with Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib and the subsequent suspension of a game.

In an interview with Vic Tafur of Athletic Crabtree said he wanted his suspension to be canceled completely, as he disagreed with the idea that he instigated the fight.

"The league said it was premeditated on my part," Crabtree said. "Do you know what is premeditated?" When he says he's going to do something, do it, and then laugh with the media after the game, like he did last year, that's all in. I'm not trying to take revenge. 122nd consecutive game and help my team win a great game, I do not want to get kicked out, I know what is at stake for my team. "

Crabtree was reprimanded by the league for hitting cornerback Chris Harris in the play chest before the scrap began with Talib. The league said in its suspension notice to Crabtree that the hit to Harris was part of the reasoning for the suspension of two games. Crabtree says he was only trying to block Harris and that it was not different from the way he blocks in each game. Then, when Talib took off his collar and Crabtree blocked him in the bank area, he simply defended himself against an avalanche of Denver players.

"I'm playing ball, man," he said. "ESPN said I recorded the chain before the game because I was worried, I did not do it, I do not care if there are no chains, I'm just playing ball, I'm not worried about anything, I do not like how everything changed and I'm the bad.

"He took the chain off and I blocked it when he whistled. Yes, I blocked it to the ground, but I did not jump on it. They jumped on me. They were seven against one. "

Crabtree went on to say that he felt the need to speak for himself about the incident and that he does not know why Talib has a problem with him.

Both Crabtree and Talib were initially suspended for two games before the duration reduced to a game on appeal.

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