Michael Caputo: Email scares top HHS officer and Trump aide CDC officer

“In which world do you think it was your job to announce an administration public service announcement campaign for CNN?” Caputo emailed the spokesperson on June 27, emulating top agency officials – saying the agency’s director, Dr. Robert Redfield, who is tasked to lead the country’s Health Protection Agency at one time during the middle of a century. Ubiquitous epidemic.

The emails are part of a pattern reflecting Caputo’s hostile attitude towards CDC officers. Earlier this week, Caputo announced he would take a two-month leave of absence from his post, after he apologized for a conspiracy-theory-related apology made against a CDC scientists, “resistance within the department” Unit “and accused CDC officials of” treason “. . ”
He has been accused by critics of the CDC’s politicization and HHS response to the coronovirus epidemic. CNN reported last week that Caputo and his team had demanded weekly science reports be viewed out of the CDC before being released, with some HHS communications officials pushed to change the report’s language so as not to undermine Trump’s political message To be. In response to that claim, Caputo criticized the CDC with conspiracy charges.
The New York Times first reported on an email from Caputo to a CDC spokesperson.

Dr. Anthony Fauci indicated in a CNN interview in late June that a CNN reporter had shown an email to a CDN spokesperson with a question about a vaccine education program. The spokesperson referred to Caputo’s reporter, who then decided to pursue the issue.

When the CDC spokesman apologized to Caputo and said that he only sent CNN to him and did not confirm the campaign, Caputo sent him back with another reversal message.

“We will discuss this on a teleconference tomorrow. I want your HR representative in attendance,” Caputo said.

In a later message he said, “I am adding Dr. Redfield back to this email exchange. Do not delete him again.”

When asked about the incident with a CDC communications officer, a person close to the situation said, “We quickly found out that her comment was unintentional. She is a very talented communicator, and her comment did not take any action.” Assured to do. ”

Democratic National Committee spokesman and adviser Lily Adams accused the administration of attempting to eject experts at the public’s expense in response to emails.

Aditya said, “With what passes every day, it becomes clear how much Trump and his administration worked to tell the American people and the lying and intimidating experts about the seriousness of the country’s coronovirus. ” “At every level, the Trump administration put the president’s personal political views ahead of the lives of thousands of Americans.”

The Times also outlined two other examples of Capito reducing CDC staff.

The paper appointed HHS politician Drs. The CDC’s head deputy director, citing Paul Alexander’s June email, Drs. Rejected Anne Schukat’s public comments that “we have too many viruses nationwide” as an attempt to humiliate Trump. The Times reported that Caputo sent an email via email to Redfield for threatening HHS advisors.

An employee at HHS’s White House liaison office later contacted the CDC, inquiring about Schucht’s background – creating a feeling among some CDC officials that some wanted Schucht – who had served the CDC for more than three decades. Had worked in – when he told.

In July, Capeto demanded that CDC communications officials identify the press officer, who had given permission for several NPR interviews with an experienced CDC epidemiologist after HHS handled CDC epidemic data collection.

According to an email reviewed by the Times, “I need to know who did it”.

“I haven’t received a reply to my email for 20 hours. This is unacceptable,” Caputo complied according to the paper. “I need this information to properly manage the department’s communications. If you disobey my instructions, you will be held accountable.”

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