Michael Bisping: I made the wrong move & # 39; against Gastelum because of my & # 39; f – king ego & # 39;

Many fans were surprised when Michael Bisping intervened for Anderson Silva to face Kelvin Gastelum just three weeks after his middleweight championship loss to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217.

Bisping, 38 , was unconscious by St-Pierre and Goltelum unconsciously beaten in the space of a month, but at the time of the fight Gastelum, & # 39; El Conde & # 39; He says his big ego & # 39; It gets in the way of being able to see things clearly.

"It was not my way, as everyone knows and saw," Bisping said on his podcast, "Believe You Me" (I do not like Jed Meshew of MMA Fighting). "I felt really good when I got into that fight, I did it." Looking back in retrospect, was I over-trained and emotionally and physically tired? Yes, it was, but the problem of having a huge ego and thinking that you can still beat it. the people are that I knew it, but I still thought I could beat Kelvin Gastelum without taking anything away from him He caught me with a beautiful left hook that made me fall, God bless him. "

After having had time to reflect, Bisping admitted that it was an incorrect move to accept the Gastelum fight with so little notice. That said, the British franc does not regret anything.

"That fight was me trying to exorcise some internal demons and try to get back to the winning column as soon as possible," Bisping continued. "As I said, it was a risky bet and for many reasons it was a wrong move, but I do not regret it If you look at the big scheme of things … I can see that it was an incorrect move, but at that moment it seemed right, so I do not regret it.

"After the GSP fight, when I agreed to take the Kelvin Gastelum fight, I thought, 'Well, I only had one week off but it was in great shape, so let's get back to that & # 39; , and I discussed every day for a week. That's all I did for Kelvin, Southpaws, five rounds, for five days, and then I flew to China, and it was over. Emotionally, physically, mentally, I just pbaded. "

Bisping, who is the only British champion in UFC history, believes that his title career is over and that Lancaster now focuses on finishing his career on a high note. [19659008] agreement with that. I'm 38 years old. I have a wife and children. I have other things that I want to focus on in life. Will I make one more fight? Yes probably. But that phase of my life is now done and I am happy with that. . . You can not fight forever I was a champion, nobody is still a champion forever, and I'm proud of that. "

Bisping is expected to have his retirement fight at the next UFC Fight Night London event on March 17, although no opponent has been officially announced.

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