Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa vs. Los Angeles Ram to start

After starting the season 3-3, Brian Floers and his coaching staff are looking for ways to improve during the team’s Week 7 BYE. And as we learned some time ago, one of those ways is at quarterback …..

And yes, TUA will be TAGOVAILOA MIAMI Dolphin Answer those questions before retrieving them within 8 days Los angeles ram At home.

According to ESPN’s Adam Sheik, Tua Tagoveloa It will be Miami dolphins They start QB when they return from their Week 7.

It comes two days after head coach Brian Floers and his staff took their first look at Tua in action in a blistering win over the Jets. Asked why he decided to bring Tagovelloa into the lineup, Floors said:

– “It was just a situation to get him and get him some pictures. We thought it was good for him, like any young player, to get there and enjoy playing in a National Football League game. Feeling. That was really it. “

This means that fans will get an opportunity to see their beloved QB in action. Most important, it means that he is in fact fully healthy 100% and is ready to help the team push the playoffs during the final ten matches of the season.

For some people, Tagovelloa is a once-in-a-generation traveler (high). For others, he only needs to prove himself before being put on a mantra. No matter which equation you’re in favor of, we can all agree that this is a franchise-changing move that will either lead to years of success – or failure.

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(PS Jake said Dolphins should start Tua after BYE)

What it says for Ryan Fitzpatrick is anyone’s guess. But like my co-host Jake Mandel suggested a few minutes ago, he would absolutely be an upgrade over Andy Dalton in Dallas.

Nevertheless, the Tua Tagovailoa era is here – and it is here to stay!

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