Miami-Dade will close beaches for the weekend of July 4 for fear of coronavirus

Officials in Miami-Dade County, Florida, announced Friday that the county would close the beaches for the July 4 weekend amid fears the meetings would trigger new outbreaks of coronavirus.

The county mayor, Carlos Giménez, announced that he would sign an emergency order to close the beaches from Friday until Tuesday.

“As we continue to see more positive COVID-19 results among young adults and increased hospitalizations, I have decided that the only prudent way to stop this recent increase is to crack down on recreational activities that elevate our community. overall risk, “Giménez said in a statement, according to a local NBC affiliate.

The decision comes when the state faces key cases at COVID-19. Florida broke its one-day record of new coronavirus cases on Friday, adding 8,942 additional confirmed infections, according to the Health Department.

In response to the massive surge, Florida announced Friday that it will close the bars in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The beaches in the area currently require social distancing by visitors. They had reopened earlier this month after the shutdown due to the pandemic.

The state came under fire earlier this year when the virus began spreading across the U.S. and other states closed beaches, but Florida remained open for spring break.

The 4th of July celebrations have been canceled across the country, but President TrumpDonald John Trump Miami-Dade will close the beaches during the weekend of July 4 by coronavirus fears that an Oklahoma reporter will test positive for COVID-19 after attending the Trump rally in Tulsa Trump criticizes the Governor of Illinois, Mayor for violence in Chicago calls for ‘law and order’ MORE will host their second “Salute to America” ​​celebration in DC this year.


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