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The news that WhatsApp updates will bring

Since its appearance back in 2009, WhatsApp has been evolving and growing. Currently, it is present in 180 countries and in 41 different languages. C every year, the messaging application has been adding news in its offer, and this 2018 will not be less. WhatsApp of WhatsApp WhatsApp

Group calls and video calls : It seems that at last WhatsApp will allow its users to make calls with several people at the same time, being able to talk and to listen to several members, and the same thing will happen with video calls, which through a split screen will connect visually to several people.

2pt"> A more personalized profile? According to the rumors, it seems that finally you can customize the appearance of the chats, changing the known green color of the box for something more than the taste of each.

Whatsapp Business : an independent app through which businesses, both small and large, can have direct contact with their customers in a personal and secure way.

Compatibility with YouTube: Who has not happened?, You're in YouTube and skip a whatsapp to answer and for which you have to leave the video platform. Now WhatsApp as it does already Telegram it will allow to see a video at the same time that it is written, making that link becomes another small screen that can be moved by the conversation, like a window emergent.

Private messages : another of the novelties that WhatsApp is preparing for this 2018 is the possibility of responding privately to a message that has been sent by a group chat. A feature that seems, will also be available for the web version.

WhatsApp Assistant: Not too long, when we change phone, WhatsApp will have an assistant will notify our contacts that we have changed phone numbers or that we are migrating to a different mobile, so as not to have to do it manually.

And of course, now, WhatsApp will include in its catalog emojis redheads responding thus to a last year's petition on the web Change.org claimed that "Redheads also want their emoji", since they represent 2% of the world's population, that is, some 138 million people.

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