The Israeli medicine trying to end cancer next year

Last week, a team of Israeli scientists published from the Accelerated Medical Laboratory Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi) drug development that is capable of killing cancer cells. The company has completed its & # 39; first mice test and several checks in vitro and is going to begin clinical trials that would be completed in a number of years and, according to the researchers, allowed the cure to be inserted in certain cases.

AEBi board chairman, Dan Aridor, said that his "company may" provide cancer for the next year by " innovative handling. The news was brought into account in the scientific community and the effectiveness of the method was questioned due to the limited information available on the study, which was not published in any known scientific magazine, and Muck tests are successful and does not show efficacy the same way in humans.

What's in the treatment of Israel?

It is a type of antibiotic, MuTaTo's highly authorized toxin name (for its measurement in English), combination of peptides together strong toxin peptide It causes a special attack on cancer cells, and # 39; eliminating the potential for the disease to be repeated.

The MuTaTo cure is based on the technology that belongs to the phage display, which includes DNA coding for protein, such as antibody in bacteriophage, which is a virus ; affect bacteria. The Phage & # 39; developed by George American scientist George Smith, who was awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2018 for his way in which bacteriophage can be used to develop new protinents.

As explained Monday, Ilan Morad, the founder and CEO of AEBi, at MuTaTo at least used three peptides the face of the same structure, and by attacking three conservators at the same time instead of one, it will allow damage to the cancer cells that would, The development of all attackers: "Even cancer can change three dealers at the same time", to build the Jerusalem Post.

Morad was not managing the ability to & # 39; implemented media burns, which occurs when the cancer cells are altered; suffer from the effects of drugs and without disaggregation or change in a way that will stop them from working. The scientist complies that, if the toxin is strong, there are huge chances to be able to; killing cancer cells before the depression starts, which needs time.

How would MuTaTo differ from other cancer treatments?

"We were doing the same thing as others, trying to find new peptides for specific cancer types," said Morad, remember when his company was just on. Shortly after that, the sciences decided why drugs and other medications do not work and the disease has returned over time, and decides that a & # 39; Most of the current drugs that attack a special target of cancer or internal failure and can not obstruct the movements that are made unnecessarily.

In this part, the MuTaTu, according to Israeli researchers, can influence the wings created by some of the cancer uninhabited cancer patients. Enabling large molecules, such as antibodies. Morad explained that the most parts of the multi-subject toxin are very small, 12 amino acids long, and their lack of hard structure, which allows them to get over the & # 39; This barrier when larger molecules can not get in.

In AEBi they believe that MuTaTo's cure would have to kill cancer cells in several weeks – a & # 39; anti-AIDS treatment, when drug dependents need to take a lifetime – and that the effects that may have been significantly reduced, because Does technology only aim against cancer cells and healthy ones are not.

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