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Frida donates rescue boots to the El Borceguí Footwear Museum

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Frida, the rescue dog that has participated in different disasters nationally and internationally, donated her boots to the El Borceguí Footwear Museum.

At an event organized by the museum staff, both Frida and her trainer delivered his shoes to be part of the exhibition. To the rescuer dog, of the farmer collector race, of nine years and member of the Secretary of the Navy and of the Search and Rescue Team in Collapsed Structures (BREC), afterwards a pair of new boots was placed. The binomial carries a total of 53 locations, in which 12 have been people alive, throughout his career as a rescuer, reported personnel of the Navy of Mexico.

The boots are made to measure the legs of Frida so that they fit perfectly and do not bother you when walking, since the sole is made of a very resistant material and flexible at the same time to protect it in the bearings of its legs and allow it the flexibility necessary to be able to walk without any inconvenience in places of difficult access.

In addition, the materials with which they are manufactured protect the bearings of the dogs from punctures of nails, broken glass, wood or sharp stones, because in a collapsed structure there are materials and articles They may cause injury, they reported.

This type of footwear, it was pointed out, is anti-skid on smooth surfaces such as marble or mosaics, it has electrical insulators that prevent it from having touch with water and / or with cables may suffer from some discharge, and are made with materials that allow it to perspire and fit perfectly both on its front legs and on its hind legs.

Thus, the boots with which it has participated in different natural disasters such as earthquakes in Haiti and Ecuador, the landslide that occurred in Guatemala and the earthquake that affected the municipality of Juchitán, Oaxaca, on September 7, 2017 and in the earthquake of September 19 in Mexico City, will remain in the museum as a tribute to his work.

Although it is also worth mentioning that Frida uses more protective equipment to carry out her tasks of searching and locating live people trapped under rubble.

That equipment is composed of a harness, which allows him to be helped by his handler to reach some areas, and some doggles, which fit perfectly to his eyes.

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