Emma Coronel will send a letter of love to Chapo for her birthday

This Thursday, 4 April, Chapo Guzman turned 62 age and wife, Emma Coronel, I send you a warm message, to praise you.

This is the correct way to write the nickname Chapo, according to the RAE

With love, party and couple, the Colonel published a story Instagram, accompanied by "Un Año" by Sebastián Yatra, which read:

Happy birthday, honey, we love you. "

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Instagram's story about Emma Coronel. (Instagram: @therealemmacoronel)

Instagram's story about Emma Coronel. (Instagram: @therealemmacoronel)

Joaquín was born Guzmán Loera 4th April, 1957 The great Lauduna community of Badiraguato in the Sinaloa.

Before Chapo's date, Emma Coronel nominated her project for her line of clothes Based on her husband's controversial number.

"El Chapo Guzmán: JGL" site is chosen by the wife of the head of the legendary head of Sinaloa who had been on 12 February he was convicted with a court in New York and sentenced to imprisonment in prison.

The clothes will be sold through internet and its main markets are Mexico and the USA.

On his Instagram account, Coronel asked designers to "just start" fashion this week.

My aim is to achieve my style and Joaquín project, but for everyone I love, I hope their opinions will be, "said the 29-year-old. age from the north-west Sinaloa to his followers.

In an interview with Infobae, he said he was not afraid of what the project might encourage.

People are always going out to debate something negative and positive, but the idea here is and the important thing is to talk about the company and what we should forget about the door. said that the organization could 'open' itself for new talent and development, ”he said.

Also in that interview he clarified that his flag is not linked to the cloth and furniture "El Chapo 701", which is promoted by the drugman's daughter Alejandrina Gisselle Guzmán.

With his project, Coronel has a desire " thelps the Mexico economy“And earning employment in the country.

In the last chapter of the church's life The most famous person is in the history of Mexico He is adding to the position of drug trader starting with 15 years with the addition of marijuana.

Shortly afterwards he got the nickname "El Chapo", for the low height of 1.67 meters.

These were the dangerous dangerous narcoses of Chapo.

In 1980 he began working for him Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardodirector of Guadalajara charter and major drugs drugs in Mexico.

With the collapse of Gallardo and the imprisonment in 1989, "El Chapo" returns to Sinaloa to guide him. crime group.

In 1993 it is for the first time and from that to 2016, captured by the Mexico authorities, it rolls out different prisons, the most impressive in 2016 through the construction of a tunnel.

On 12 February it was tried New York and the jury named him guilty of the 10 charges responsible for the leadership of Sinaloa Cartel, who may have been executed as a life prisoner.

What are the controversial names which came out at Chapo's trial time?

Includes information from Noticieros Televisa and EFE.


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