Mexico City will take ‘extraordinary measures’ to stop the rise in Kovid-19 deaths

Its neighboring state, the state of Mexico, will also take measures, including suspending all non-active activity between December 19 and January 10, 2021.

Area hospitals are at about 75% capacity and officials are scrambling to prevent the infection from growing.

“We are now at the levels we were during the highest moment (epidemic) in June,” said Alfredo del Majo, State of Mexico.

Mexico City has a population of around 9 million but increases to 21.7 million when it covers a large metropolitan area.

Meanwhile, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Shinbaum called on all citizens to comply with the restrictions. He has called for “extraordinary efforts” so that anyone who is seriously ill can always bed in the hospital.

Inside Mexico's search for a homemade vaccine

In October, Sheenbaum was diagnosed with the virus.

As of Thursday evening, Mexico has confirmed 1.2 million confirmed Kovid-19 cases and 116,487 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.
The country has experienced a particularly drastic collapse. Although Mexico has never really taken control of its virus outbreaks, the newly confirmed cases and deaths were largely plagued by heat. By October, officials were warning that the virus was once again on the rise.

Mexico City and the state of Mexico are now both held at the “red level”, the highest measure on the country’s stoplight alert system for Kovid-19 restrictions.

“It is important to be clear that 2020 and 2021 will be very special years for humanity,” López-Gatel said as he urged people to avoid parties and reunions during the holiday season and instead let them be of later date. Saved for

Tight measures include shutting down indoor dining, leaving only essential areas such as transportation, energy, health and construction.


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