Mexican TV under fire after moving to Florida to obtain COVID vaccine

A popular Mexican TV host is under fire after receiving the coveted COVED-19 vaccine for a trip to Florida that most Americans have not received.

Juan Jose Origel, famous for hosting Mexican day-time acts such as “Wantanando,” “Hoy” and “La Oreza”, posted a photo on Twitter on Saturday in which he received a shot on his right hand Shown that he is sitting inside a car.

“Already vaccinated! Thank you #usa Has my country not embarrassed me that protection !!!” Originals wrote.


It is unclear how they recruited the vaccine.

Many people on social media accused him of being insensitive to bragging about the shot.

“I am a mother, I have two children, I pay taxes, I am working during the entire pandemic and it turns out that tourists get shot! What a shame?” Wrote a Twitter user.

The original traveled to Miami, Florida for the shoot, as the COVID-19 vaccine was too slow to roll in Mexico, according to the Al Dia newspaper in Dallas, Texas.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obredor said on Monday that Russia would supply Mexico with 24 million doses of its Sputnik V coronavirus virus over the next two months.

Obrador, who has been heavily criticized for not enforcing tough COVID-19 regulations in the country, announced on Sunday that he tested positive for the bug with mild symptoms.

Foreigners going to the US for vaccine shots are nothing new.

Canadians also want to travel to America to fasten their arms, and go home the same day. The Wall Street Journal reported that some Argentinians have also traveled for hours to take shots in Florida.

Argentine TV personality Yanina Latore recently posted on Instagram that her elderly mother received the COVID-19 vaccine while on vacation in South Florida.

She told her 1.5 million followers that two fans helped her get an appointment for her 80-year-old mother – which fulfills the state’s 65-and-older requirement in Miami.

Florida Government. Ron DeSantis has said that it is acceptable for those who own second homes in the state, but has been vaccinated to prevent tourists from doing so.

According to the Journal, “If they have a residence and they don’t have to fly at night for a week or two, then I’m totally fine.” “It’s a little different than someone who is just doing tours and trying to get here. So we’re discouraging people to come to Florida just to get a vaccine.”

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The Florida Department of Health clarified that it would investigate any alleged misuse of COVID-19 vaccines.

“No one is allowed to come to Florida to receive the vaccine and leave the next day,” Health Department spokesman Jason Mahon told the newspaper. “We ask that all suspicious incidents be reported immediately to the county health department.”

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