Mets Francisco Lindor moves to be among New York’s top trades

We have no way of knowing, at this moment, if Francisco Lindor will top the trade Mets, or even if it will make them as good as the Braves in their own division. It is still a wonder to actually play the game. This is where the best testimony is kept.

Still… trades circulate the blood of a sports fan in ways that other transactions simply do not. It’s easy to figure out how the 1977–78 Yankees became champions: they added Catfish Hunter, Reggie Jackson and Goose Gossage to free agency in a roster that was already growing. Also with ’09 Yankees.

Still, in some ways there are many rank-and-file Yankees fans who like to think about how the lineage boys of the late 90s were created, both through the farm system and an array of smart trades – no Also Roberto Kelly is not smarter than Paul O’Neill, unless you go with Sterling Hitchcock and Rice Davis for Tino Martinez and Jeff Nelson.

Makes a great trade championship that follows all the sweet. If the Mets, though tall Lindor set a date with the Canyon of Heroes for their shortstop, they would join this group of the most fortunate trades, among teams called home to New York.

(And, as always, we are happy to hear about anything from this list, either through carelessness and ignorance.)

1. The Knicks acquired Dave Duschyre in exchange for Walt Bellamy and Howard Komives: See, this is a mindless person because this is the single biggest reason why two championship banners are hanging in Madison Square Garden instead of zero. Eddie Donovan added Debushare to the mix which was an element of the Knicks’ championship fiber.

But what’s every bit as awesome is how the effect was immediate. At the time of the trade, on December 19, 1968, the Knicks were 18–17. He immediately won eight games in a row, and 14 of 15, and 26 of 30. Knicks fans in real time saw how they would make the long march on May 8, 1970.

2. The Mets acquired Gary Carter for Hurry Brooks, Mike FitzGerald, Floyd Yeomans and Haram Winningham: As it was with Debaschery and the Knicks, it would take a break-it-all season before the title was given, but Carter’s influence would not wait. He scored a game-winning walk-out homer in his very first game as an Opening Day in 1985 (ironically of Neil Allen, Prime Bat in the 80s, another big deal, delivering Keith Hernandez last June) Hit Finished sixth and third in the MVP votes of 1985 and ’86.

3. The Rangers acquired Mark Messier (and, eventually, Jeff Beaucoom and David Shaw) for Bernie Nichols, Steven Rice and Louie DeBrask. In many ways it feels like a person close to the Lindor deal, a big-market team that takes a high-priced star, and a wingman (then Beaucoom, Carlos Carrasco) from a small-market team. What’s fun to miss about the Messier deal, the Rangers did, in fact, immediately take off, winning the Presidents’ trophy in 1991–92 – but then they crashed and burned the following year, and Messier actually bounced in the garden. Heard. Of course, by June 14, 1994, all will be forgiven, and forever.

4. The Giants gave Eli Manning the rights to the pick which eventually became Phillip River, Sean Merriman, Nat Cashing and Jerome Collins: One thing to remember is that Ellie has wound up making his franchise QB on the strength of Eli Accorisi, something that he would have to answer forever if the number 10 title was not awarded. But he did. So this is one of the most intelligent offensive plays anyone has made.

5. Islanders acquire Butch Goring for Billy Harris and Dave Lewis: The Islanders may have been only talent-rich and may have won a few cups. But by this time they traded to Göring from the Kings on 10 March 1980, not only scrambling in 31–28–9, but also gaining a reputation as professional postcan choke artists. As with DeBusschere, the results were both immediate – after the deal, the Islanders closed that season at 8–0–4 – and long-term: two months later they would win the first of four straight cups.

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In a world of such constant uproar, it remains a happy source of normalcy that “Blue Bloods” can still deliver goods, week after week, at 10pm on a Friday night.

What are we going to do about Johnny’s?

Kyrie Irving really keeps reorganizing the whole “he-he-is-worth-it-and-this-is-not” scale, right?

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Rob Schwartz: The Johnson Brothers did not take a better Band-Aid approach to find a new coach. Jets are in cardiac arrest right now! We are crazy as hell and can’t take it anymore.

Vac: After a year of not being able to boo a highly boo-able team, I think Jets fans are a bit salty.

Barry Levine: Could a Nax victory be thrilling or could the Knicks’ position with James Dolan as the owner of the Knicks really hope? It seems like a problem that cannot be ignored.

Vac: The hope is that some early success will allow him to rely on Leon Rose, Tom Thibodo and company as he does the men running his hockey team altogether.

James dolan
James dolan
Robert Sabo

@jmpdds: I think we’re seeing the real Sandy Alderson, who is wearing handcuffs, was Jeff Wilpone.

@MikeVacc: Alderson was always too much to betray a gentleman who was first on his mind.

Frank Connolly: Joe Douglas said “Sam [Darnold] This league has a bright future and will be a great quarterback. “Then why would you get rid of him?

Vac: I think it is possible that he could be a great quarterback and that greatness can only be accomplished in a different setting.


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