Mets fans’ love affair with Steve Cohen goes beyond their $ 14 billion

Steve Cohen is valued at $ 14 billion. It is most unlikely for her to be recognized as a “people’s choice”. But, again, we are talking about the New York Mets. And a lifelong fan, as Cohen, can certainly highlight: The Mets are always a little different. In almost every way.

And now, pending one last hurdle, he is going to be New York City’s most popular billionaire as an owner. go figure.

Cohen’s simple 20-word statement, released Monday through the team, was, “I have reached an agreement with the Wilpone and Katz families to buy the New York Mets, excited.” This is a roller coaster hat for Mets fans, who saw Cohen go out of the bid with a certainty, then back in, and finally where we sit, Cohen gets baseball for his approval. Only 23 out of 30 owners are required.

Mets fans have not been happy since Marty Barrett’s swinging through a Jesse Orsko fastball on the evening of October 27, 1986. The Mets won their second World Series that night, and stood out in the baseball world – but for many Mets fans, the symbol of that team and the time was something else: the Mets were one at a time with their hometown Swagger.

The Mets’ pre-championship in 1969 was a good contrast, good team and better luck. It is hard to understand anything that represents New York City, but they were Mets. And in many ways, there are so many good Mets teams that have followed – in 1999 and 2000, in 2006, in 2015. Most of them were the re-emergence of the Yankees after the late ’80s, reclaiming the city’s baseball soul that is strong for close to 30 years; He cast a heavy shadow.

But a large part of that was weak ownership, reluctant to spend dollar for dollar with the Yankees hamstringed by his union with Bernie Madoff, highly unpopular among his constituency. Nobody likes to be a brother’s child in sports. The Mets have been baby brothers for over a generation, and have worked part-time.

not anymore. Not with Cohen. And it now increases the feeling of fans. Yes, he is worth $ 14 billion, and Forbes pointed to the next three richest baseball owners – Ted Lerner (Nationals), Christopher Illich (Tigers) and Greg Johnson (Giants) – who are valued at $ 13 billion. And Cohen will certainly take advantage of it.

But as much as Cohen represents for Mets fans, he is an attitude. He’s one of them. And all you need to do is look at his career: he avoids losing. It is unfit for him. And that makes him even more one.

And it is this attitude that has made him more attractive to Mets fans than the game and Page Six wedding that would be J-Rod, and certainly more than the highly-wealthy people who own the Devils. This is what Mets fans have liked. And this is what they get now.

And look: Didn’t George Steinbrenner Steinbrenner just make deep pockets – in fact, he didn’t initially invest most of his own money. This was the Yankees’ own desire in his good days, as a Rabid fan: Reggie may upset Jackson. Jumping in free agency with both feet. Fighting fans in the lift (assuming the story was true. A better world if it were).

Cohen’s money will also help. But the foundation at The Bronx was built with Swagger. Now it is easy to imagine a similar blueprint in Queens. And it’s still easy to see why Mets fans smile this morning.