Mets Edwin Diaz his former All-Star self

The heart of Atlanta’s lineup – Ozzie Albis, Freddie Freeman, Marcel Ozuna – was in the ninth inning. The Mets clung to a one-run lead. Luis Rosas asked for one arm to warm up in the bullpen.

As Edwin Diaz hiked near the mound, he was alone with his thoughts. He was alone in his feelings.

“I came in calm,” Diaz said.

And he left ecstasy.

After a disastrous first season with the Mets, in which Diaz posted a career-worst 5.59 ERA and collapsed from being close after blowing seven saves, the 26-year-old reliever picked up a confidence-boosting save to knock out the Mets. City won 1–0 at the City Opening on Friday.

Diaz, who posted a league-high 57 saves and a 1.96 ERA in 2018, saw how fast his career could change in a single season. A year later, he hopes to restore his All-Star reputation.

Edwin diaz
Edwin diazNY Post: Charles Weinberg

“it is important to me. This is what I am looking for, ”said Diaz. He said, “That’s why I worked so hard in both offseason and spring training. I came prepared. I calmed down. I had already seen the reports of the batsmen I was going to face and I was just Was ready to go. “

Along with Sath Lugo – who replaced Diaz as the previous season – used the sixth and seventh innings, followed by Justin Wilson, Diaz chose Dallin Betings to retain the shutout.

The right-hander induced a pitch groundout before Albies, then Freeman departed. With a running tie at first base, Diaz hit Ozuna on three pitches, then won with a strike from Matt Adams.

In his first season as manager, Rojas gave no thought to Diaz’s struggles as he did last year.

“We’ve gone with what Diaz has shown us this year,” Rojas said. “I know I had a bit of a challenge in ‘Sugar’ at the end of the season, but the way he threw it at the beginning was light, as if we know ‘Sugar’ we have now.” He has done a tremendous job, just being able to execute his pitches. We saw the fastball swing and miss. We saw the slider swing and miss. That’s what we know ‘sugar’. So he was closing the game with a 1-0 lead. “

As fake cheers filled the speakers, Diaz flashed a smile he could hardly show last season. Then, he gave Rosa a present.

Diaz said, “Usually I take out the last of every save that I take home with me, but on special occasions I decide to give it to those who deserve it.” “I couldn’t take that ball.”


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