Metroid looks amazing in Lego – and it can become real if you vote

If you Metroid Lego set, you have the power to bring the idea closer to reality. User L-DI-EGO has presented a design on Lego’s idea website that brings block treatment to Samus and his gunship, but the site requires a vote to get the concept in front of Lego (via From) Nintendo life) is.

LEGO Idea is an official site for users to submit their concepts and designs for the LEGO company to consider, and where LEGO fans can vote for their favorites. If a deposit receives 10,000 votes, the Lego group can convert it into a real product. Now Metroid The concept has around 5,700 votes, so that’s just over half. If you like the concept, you can visit the website to place your thumb on the scale.

Image: L-DI-EGO on Lego Ideas

Image: L-DI-EGO on Lego Ideas

However, it is worth noting that many presentations that get 10,000 votes do not actually end up on store shelves. The program has been running since 2008, and only 33 sets have made it to production so far. Lego only guarantees that it will see the idea, but usually fans will only have to wait to hear back from the company to receive rejection.

It is impossible to say. Lego has a list of some ideas that you can buy today. The list includes a truly terrifying 1969-piece Saturn V rocket, and we’ve written about a Doctor Who that began as an idea. The ideas of space actually seem to speak to Lego, as about a quarter of the sets produced (if you count WALL-E and Doctor Who) are space-based. It includes a female of NASA kit and a recreation of the International Space Station. Maybe it’s a good sign Metroid Set in space?

Image of a proposed Metroid Lego set

You will never see anything like this on Earth.
Image: L-DI-EGO on Lego Ideas

What will the official version of this look like? Still calm, I bet.
Image: L-DI-EGO on Lego Ideas

Despite space examples, the program does not operate at warp speed. It can often take more than a year to think, reviewing where you can buy it: Doctor Who Kit received 10,000 votes on 7 April 2014, and hit store shelves in December of 2015.

And even though Metroid The idea is being put to an end by Lego, with no promise that it will be what it looks like now. Lego will often make changes to the design of ideas. You can compare it Back to the future Has been set since 2011. At the top is the Ideas version, and at the bottom is retail packaging.

Image by m.togami on lego ideas

The fit of the hoverboard and dock are clear downgrades.
Picture: Lego

While Lego decided to make it Metroid The set may not be likely, it already has a relationship with Nintendo, which the companies have had on a couple of Super Mario sets and a version of the NES that is only permanently blocked as the system’s graphics.

if Metroid Not your favorite Nintendo franchise, there’s an animal crossing set In college 10,000 lines under the line. It has received over 9,000 votes, so just a small push is needed to bring it to Lego’s desk. And, if you want to spend an evening dreaming about Lego sets that are unlikely to ever come out, I suggest you take a look at the idea sets that are currently pending review – including There are some great people, including the infamous Tom Nook Shop.

Image of an animal crossing lego set including a house, beach, workspace and river.

You can design your island however you want in this game inspired set where you want to design your island.
TiagoCatarino on Lego Ideas

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