Metro Exodus launches a weapons trailer.

Subway exodus weapons tow

A new (and relatively long) Exodus Metro trailer shows the many weapons and customizations that will be available when the game is released next month.

The trailer (which you can see below) details the many kinds of weapons that will be available, as well as some of the customization options that will tailor each weapon to your specific needs. Guns, shotguns and rifles are as you would expect, although personalization can change them drastically, turning them into specialized firearms. In addition, a clbad of "special weapons" includes a silent rifle and a crossbow, ideal for those stealthy missions or when you do not want to fight.

Exodus Metro 4A Games is shaping up as very different from previous games. While Metro 2033 and Last Light dealt mainly with the wet metro system of post-apocalyptic Russia, Exodus comes to the surface. The open world areas will give players the opportunity to explore non-linearly, and you can see what Alice B did when they played a previous version.

Metro Exodus is scheduled for launch on February 15, but if you're as impatient as we are, you can check everything we know about Exodus, up to here.

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