A parent found a packet of meth while looking through her child’s trick-or-treating candy. The drugs were not ingested by the child.

A parent found a bag of meth in their child’s bag of Halloween candy on Monday.(Photo: fotostorm, Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A bag of meth discovered in a child’s bag of trick-or-treat candy forced an entire Wisconsin indian reservation to throw away their Halloween candy and reschedule holiday trick-or-treating.

A parent reported a small yellow bag of meth was found in their child’s candy collection on Monday, a day after trick-or-treating took place in the Keshena area of the Menominee Indian Reservation. 

Authorities then instructed all residents to throw away their children’s candy and the bags it was collected in at government collection sites. Tribal emergency management asked parents to err on the side of caution and inspect the candy carefully before throwing it away. No other incidents of meth in candy have been reported.

“Our community is dismayed by this senseless act that thankfully did not end in tragedy,” said Menominee Tribal chairman Gary Besaw. “We take care in protecting our children, our elders and our families.”

To make up for it, community organizations came together to host a “safe” trick-or-treat event on Tuesday in order to “restore the fun-filled innocence of Halloween,” said a statement from the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin. 

Besaw told USA TODAY police are still investigating the incident. If there’s a silver lining, he said, it’s that the community has started reporting all types of suspicious drug activity. 

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