Meteor Tikkok Girl is a real paleontologist

Eliza Peterson told Buzzfeed News, “I’m overwhelmed by all the love people have given me.” “I really owe my life to the punishment of a dinosaur.”

Posted on September 12, 2020 at 6:05 pm ET

@Tiza_morey via Twitter / @lizemopetey via TikTok

In a week where social media has been particularly bleak, one of the few bright spots – ironically enough – a complete gem of a TikTok about dinosaur extinction.

“Hey angel, did you give the dinosaur more muscle like I asked?” In the now-viral Tickcock, “God” (played by Eliza Peterson) is asked.

“what?” Responds to Entangled Angel (played by Peterson)

“I told you to make them meat,” God says.

“make them A meteor, “The angel replies.

What follows is both simple wordplay and an impressive performance, generating much acclaim for the 23-year-old Petersen from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Peterson told Buzzfeed News that she actually had an acting background through community theater, but also that the tears in her teaktalk were completely genuine.

“I think I’ve been around dinosaurs enough that I’ve appreciated to a level that most people don’t have,” said Peterson, who volunteered for the past five years at the Natural History Museum of the Department of Paleontology of Utah Have done “I thought about how sad it would be to despise dinosaurs, and also by bus accident, so I started shedding tears.”

Peterson filmed Tickcock, who has now been seen on stage nearly 10 million times, during a slow day at the law firm where she works when she is not self-serving. She initially wanted to re-film the scenes where she was crying, but told herself that some people were likely to see TicTock anyway, posted it on the app, and set her phone for the rest of the day done.

It wasn’t until he got the text from his father (who is one of Peterson’s biggest fans and religiously tracked the popularity of the previous viral dinosaur Tickcock posted this summer) that he Felt that the video had flown.

“When I checked it by the end of the working day, it had already been viewed a million times,” Peterson said. “My family was losing it.”

Not only one of Peterson’s biggest fans, he is also partly to thank for inspiring Meteor Tiktok.

“The real joke of Meteor vs. Meteor is a decade-old joke,” Peterson said. “My dad was telling that there was fun in the 80s, so it’s like wandering my mind all my life.”

It was a natural fit for Peterson’s Ticketock, where he had previously posted about his love of dinosaurs and that his volunteers work as a paleontologist, traveling him from sites in southern Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. Allows to scouting for dinosaur bones.

After Peterson and a team of other volunteers take the bones to Utah’s Natural History Museum, Peterson helps clean them up and put together skeletons of dinosaurs for display like a “65 million-year-old puzzle” .

While she did not go to school for paleontology (she is a certified paralegal) Peterson said that she fell in love with the area when she appeared at the Museum of Natural History when she was 18, and said that she had For which she is going back to school. some day.

Although Peterson has not been able to work in any field during the coronavirus epidemic, he said his overwhelming response to TikTok reminded him of another passion: acting.

“I have writers and producers and actors and influencers who say I saw your video, it was awesome, keep it up,” said Peterson, who was particularly impressed by the praise of Tiktok producer Alyssa Violet. Blade Runner 2049 “Writer Michael Green, and actor Christie Carlson Romano:” My 8-year-old self dressed in a Kim Possible outfit is horrifying at the moment. ”

Peterson said that she loved acting when she was growing up, but when a high school teacher told her she would never be as good as her brother and sister, she quit doing so altogether. gave.

“I believed her. It was terrible,” Peterson said. “Now that it has flown by I remember how much fun it was, being on stage and performing and loving it. The last three days have been a total eye opener for me. If I can decide what Have to be and what is to be. I will remain. ”

She jokingly said that if Hollywood needed an extra in “Jurassic World”, she would gladly “leave everything.”

Hi all my new followers !!!!! Thank you for loving Dinosaur !!! Here are some pictures of me at work, finding / dropping / plating bones! Thank you very much!!!!!!! 4

But easily the most life-changing aspect of her viral success, Peterson said, when she opens up about her financial and emotional toll she experiences as a result of breast cancer, which she finds after finding a tumor in her breast Is fighting with 19.

The type of breast cancer Peterson was diagnosed with is usually seen in much older women, and there is no family history of breast cancer. Peterson said that he and his doctor were at a loss to explain the tumor.

“I have to have an MRI, mammogram, biopsy and two ultrasounds every six months and it gets really expensive in the US,” Peterson said. “My husband and I just bought a house, and are trying to meet the expenses that come with being a human being every month, it’s really aggressively Is piled up. ”

Seeing others going viral asking for help with things like student loans, Peterson decided in a tweet to link her story and her cash app. The response, she said has become overwhelming, through tears.

It probably won’t blow up, but if it does, if you want to help me pay my breast cancer medical bills, my cash app $ ELIZAMARY love बहुत बहुत बहुत LOVE !!!!

“In the last two days, I have been able to pay the largest lump sum of the hospital bill, which has shocked me for four years,” Peterson said. “Unfortunately it’s not going away any time soon and I recognize it. But I finally realize that I am a place where I am so much more secure financially. I have never been so safe and so loved. Haven’t felt it. “

Peterson said the emotional support he has received from complete strangers is life-changing.

“I appreciate people calling me a survivor because I haven’t felt that way yet,” she said. “I’m still taking out the tumor every year, I’m still without an answer as to why I got it at such a young age.”

While Peterson is still dealing with the reality of cancer, she said she hopes her persistence and the work of her doctors will help other women who may find themselves faced with the same diagnosis.

Peterson said, “If I help someone else in the future, they are willing to sacrifice, but this sacrifice is very expensive.” “I am overwhelmed by all the love that people have given me. I truly consider my life as a dinosaur’s punishment and will always be in debt for this silly joke from the 80s.”