Metal Gear Solid V players finally destroyed every Nuke in the PS3 version, triggering a secret Cutscene

The illustration for an article titled IMetal Gear Solid V / i Players finally destroyed every Nuke in the PS3 version, triggering a secret Cutscene.

Screenshot: Metal Gear Solid V

When Metal Gear Solid V Was released, a cutscene that was tucked away in the code was made to play only once. Every atom in the game was found and destroyed. Earlier today, about five years later, That cutscene was triggered for anyone playing on PlayStation 3.

This achievement was once almost thought Impossible, as it relied on players – who could band together whenever they wanted – to raise the number faster than it could be (or hacked into the game)..

In form of MGSV Nuke Watcher Shows, The PC still has over 19,000 nooks on that plaque, while the PS4 has around 2500. But the base of the PS3 is Dropped to the point where a serious run could be made on it, and as the video above shows, it was certainly timestamped on July 27 (at the time of posting, Nuke janitor The PS3’s tally sits at around 40, presumably built after the number reached zero in the first day).

HeyF. Of course this is not the first time we have seen a video, Since it was accidentally played for PC users Back in 2018, Who apologized to Konmi. But this time, it seems that PS3 players actually earned it.


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